White Buffalo strain description

White Buffalo

The White Buffalo strain is an 80/20 sativa descendant of the Romulan strain bred with a Blackberry Kush and Bay 11 crossed strain.

In many indigenous cultures of the Great Plains region, a white buffalo is so rare that it’s considered an important spiritual symbol. The potent White Buffalo strain is also prized for its rarity.

White Buffalo carries predominantly the traits of its Bay 11 sativa parentage. Bay 11, created by breeder Ken Estes (also originated Grandaddy Purple) took first prize in the Sativa category of the 2011 San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup

White Buffalo’s flowers stand out with their high resin production, like the similarly-named White family of strains. The beauftiful emerald green buds are thickly covered in crystal trichomes giving them a glistening sheen.

A strong skunky spice flavor accompanies the expanding potent smoke, sending you on a sativa rush with every puff. The high is soaring and euphoric. Perfect for daytime sessions or whenever enhancing the mood seems like a good idea. A versitle strain that in small to average doses is suitable for most any occassion and benefitial for those seeking relief from mood debiltating disorders without the sedation of an indica.