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Wifi Strain

The Wifi strain, also known as White Fire 43, is a 60/40 indica dominant hybrid with uplifting and cerebrally focused effects.

Combining the sour, earthy, diesel aroma of Fire OG and the high resin production of The White strain makes these Wifi buds pungently strong smelling and covered in a thick layer of crystal trichomes that gives the appearance of having been rolled in sugar.

The taste hails to it’s OG lineage. When inhaling, the smoke has a hashy and pungent fuel taste with a lemony, spicy exhale.

The high of the Wifi strain is near immediate, offering a blast of uplifting energy and a heady, happy awake high. Focus, concentration and artistic inspiration tend to be improved. Daytime use of this strain won’t leave the consumer drowsy, making it a good choice for social and creative activities.

With the Wifi strains mood enhancing effects, it is often chosen by patients to treat anxiety, stress, depression, pain, and appetite loss.

Effects: Creativity, Energizing, Euphoria, Happiness
Flavor Profile: Hashy, Fuel, Lemony, Spice
Aromas: Pungent, Skunky, Fuel, Spice
May Relieve: Anxiety, Stress, pain, Appetite loss