Platinum OG & SFV OG - King TWAX Joints

Platinum OG & SFV OG TWAX Joints

A connoisseur blend of oil and flower. Our TWAX joints are available in 1.5 gram King size and .5 gram Slim size.

TWAX Joints – It begins with properly cured and ground premium cannabis flower to ensure the proper burn. Then it gets coated in one of our award-winning concentrates.

The Platinum OG & SFV OG TWAX joint is an incredibly potent indica dominant combination that packs a knockout punch in just a few hits. This skunky diesel treat has that classic OG spice and powerful indica high known to wipe out stress, delivery physical relief, and induce a state of relaxed bliss.

Flower – Platinum OG is a super potent 72/25 Indica dominant strain that’s a descendant of OG Kush, Master Kush, and a third unknown parent. Also known as Platinum OG Kush, Platinum OG was named after the platinum sheen that the thick coating of trichomes gives to the buds.

A heavy hitter, the potent indica high of Platinum OG is known to be heavily sedating in both the mind and body. The initial effects can be heady, euphoric and happy followed by a powerful physical body buzz that washes away stress and anxiety, often leading to couch-lock and a wonderful nights sleep.

Oil – SFV OG is an Indica dominant 90/10 phenotype of the infamous OG Kush strain bred with Afghani, an almost pure indica strain to create the Southern California version of OG perfection. You can smell the OG genes in this one, as its odor is commonly described as a strong lemon cleaner smell intermixed with pine.

Users describe the SFV OG high as one with an almost immediate onset of relaxing and sedative effects that leave your mind feeling stressfree and your body physically at ease. These effects are accompanied by a feeling of elevation and euphoria that is balanced by the deep Indica effects.