Loyal Alien OG Sugar Wax (Sativa)

Extracted in Humboldt County by Emerald Family Farms, these Loyal Alien OG Sugar Wax concentrates are a delectable Sativa strain that provide a pure, clean, and smooth dabbing experience that’s easier on the lungs than smoking flower.

Sold in Cases of 20

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Sold to Wholesalers in cases of 20 fully compliant, child-resistant glass jars. Each individual 1 gram jar is boxed and includes compliant Loyal Oil Co labeling, strain name, strain type, farm name, test results, required warnings, and barcodes.

Alien OG is a 60/40 Sativa dominant hybrid originally crafted by crossing Alien Kush and Tahoe OG creating a potent strain that provides an evenly balanced high with the most desirable effects of both the Sativa and Indica highs.

Alien OG is a powerful extract that creeps and creeps, starting with a slight drop of the eyelids and the feeling that you just put on a fuzzy hat or headband. As the minutes pass, light and colors intensify, the mind goes into a meditative state, and the body completely relaxes.

This bright orange marmalade colored Alien OG sugar wax draws you in with a marvelous bouquet of sugar, pine, and gas with notes of berries and candy. Upon ingestion the flavor of orange, sugar, lemon, citrus, and pine pass over your pallet.


Alien OG is a powerful extract that creeps over a longer period of time than most people may be used to, so when ingesting, it’s best to wait a few minutes in between applications to judge how it’s affecting you. Good for evening applications.

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