Loyal Deep Sleep Flower Bags (Indica) 17.50%

Our Loyal Deep Sleep Flower is a powerful Indica dominant hybrid. Once set ablaze, this powerful creeper releases the flavors of tangerine, clover, pepper, and gas, with notes of garlic. This Indica has strong dissociative effects, is mentally sedative, and physically may create an almost out of body feeling. Perhaps evening applications would be best with this one!

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Sold to Wholesalers in cases of 8 fully compliant, child-resistant bags. Each individual 1/2 oz. bag includes compliant Loyal Flower Co labeling, strain name, strain type, farm name, test results, required warnings, and barcodes.

Deep Sleep, also known as P.O. #4, is an Indica dominant hybrid that was developed by crossing Larry OG with a pre-98 cut of Bubba Kush by Progressive Options in Los Angeles. This Deep Sleep flower features nice sized, mossy green colored flowers with a silvery T.H.C. sheen over the top of each and every nug.

Deep Sleep is a powerful Indica creeper! After ingestion she comes charging into the room like a bull in a china shop, grabbing my brain and instantly turning it into a cotton ball; fuzzy and contented. A strong mental and physical dissociative feeling comes over me, creeping and crawling along, Deep Sleep seems to be removing words from my mind. As time passes, it gets harder and harder to form sentences for this review. Physically I feel almost removed from myself. I barely feel the floor or the couch and my arms and legs feel heavy when I try to manipulate them. All of this finally culminates in me melting into the couch.

Giving the Deep Sleep flower a little pinch releases a sour grapefruit fragrance with garlic and notes of gas and sunflower seeds. Setting flame to flower releases a bouquet of Tangerine, clover, pepper, gas, and notes of garlic onto the palate.


Packing a bowl in my Hammer Bubbler, and inhaling deeply on this Deep Sleep, it pretty much put me into a coma. Deep Sleep is an Indica with gargantuan strength, instantly lowering my eyelids and turning my brain into a “silent observer”, a meditative mental space where you are aware of the goings on around you, but you have no emotional input. You are simply aware and content. Deep Sleep is a creeper as well, so get ready because the opening volley is just the beginning. As time passes this powerful mental and physical dissociative state begins to take away all physical aches and pains in my body. In fact, towards the end of the evening I felt removed from my physical self. It was as if I were floating, and yet when I tried to manipulate my limbs they were heavy and awkward. Evening applications are recommended with this one.

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