Loyal Fruity Pebbles Pre-Rolls (Indica) 14.26%

Our Loyal Fruity Pebbles 1g Pre-Roll is an Indica dominant hybrid that brings an uplifting high with a compelling taste. Cannabis award-winning farm Xotic Flavorz teamed up with Emerald Family Farms to roll you this Humboldt made pre-roll that is known for its delicious terpenes.

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Sold to Wholesalers in display cases of 50 fully compliant, child-resistant, tubes with twist off caps. Each individual tube contains a 1 gram pre-rolled joint and compliant Loyal Flower Co labeling, strain name, strain type, farm name, test results, required warnings, and barcodes.

Fruity Pebbles is an Indica dominant hybrid that is as tasty as it is inspiring. This Loyal pre-roll brings an experience that is representative of its Humboldt origin: laid back and positive-minded. The powerful flavor profile and euphoric high allow for an optimistic perspective and a relaxed head space.

Our Fruity Pebbles pre-roll gives the smoker a very euphoric and positive-minded high. The combination of an uplifted mood and an invigorating body high allows the user to truly unwind. It is the perfect pre-roll for someone in search of a pick-me-up or looking to relax after a long day. Smokers will enjoy more vibrant colors and be totally at ease.

Fruity Pebbles cannabis is even more delicious than the cereal you enjoyed in your childhood. Its powerful tropical profile gives it a truly unique and flavorful character. The loud aroma of Fruity Pebbles is a delight for fans of strains with flavor profiles like Tangie and Biscotti.


This pre-roll represents a care-free state of mind and a dedication to relaxation. Negative thoughts are nowhere to be found as it becomes that much easier to feel the way that weed is supposed to make you feel: relaxed and happy. Simple as that.

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