Loyal GSC Crumble

Extracted in Humboldt County by Emerald Family Farms, these Loyal GSC Crumble concentrates, formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies, deliver aid to those looking for an incredible and transforming high. GSC’s terpenes are as bold as the spaced-out feeling enough puffs will give you.

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Sold to Wholesalers in cases of 20 fully compliant, child-resistant glass jars. Each individual 1 gram jar is boxed and includes compliant Loyal Oil Co labeling, strain name, strain type, farm name, test results, required warnings, and barcodes.

GSC, formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies, was crafted by crossing two heavy hitting Cannabis classics, OG Kush and Durban Poison. The dense lime green buds are thoroughly covered in a thick blanket of trichomes with many orange pistils that can appear white due to the heavy resin production.

GSC's intensely captivating high allows for an optimistic perspective and a relaxed head space. The toker is launched into an unforgiving couchlock that leaves them effectively trapped wherever they sit down to take a hit, where they will experience waves of tingles and an extreme case of the munchies. Hopefully the cookies are nearby, because getting up is going to be difficult.

GSC's terpene profile makes it incredibly bold and aromatic thanks to the Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Pinene which delicately balances a strong peppery taste with a sweet citrusy counter-flavor. These sweet and earthy aromas are truly enticing and are a delight to the senses.


GSC is a true heavyweight Cannabis classic that provides a very peaceful and alleviating experience. The strong aromas and flavors make smoking this concentrate incredibly enjoyable and effective for both recreational and medicinal use. Users report relief from depression, anxiety, cramps, and appetite loss.

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