Loyal Mango Sugar Wax

Extracted in Humboldt County by Emerald Family Farms, these Loyal Mango Sugar Wax concentrates take you away to a tropical canna-bliss with their velvety, golden appearance, creamy malleable texture, and sweet, tropical fruit aroma. This Mango hits satisfyingly smooth like a cool summer breeze.

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Sold to Wholesalers in cases of 20 fully compliant, child-resistant glass jars. Each individual 1 gram jar is boxed and includes compliant Loyal Oil Co labeling, strain name, strain type, farm name, test results, required warnings, and barcodes.

Mango, also known as Mango OG, is a potent cross of the classic Afghani and the Holland original KC33. Mango's buds are light green with shades of yellow and purple interspersed with thin orange pistils and a light frosting of sugary trichomes. This velvety, golden sugar wax takes on the appearance of a mango slice and its creamy malleable texture makes it easy for the dabbing experience.

Mango is known for its creeper effects that come on slowly after you've ignited and inhaled its sweet splendor. Its effects gradually set in as the mind becomes focused and relaxed. This euphoric sensation flows through your cerebral cortex, alleviating any stress or tension that you may be experiencing. Mango allows you to zone out and channel in on creative projects such as, writing, drawing, or painting.

Mango's complex terpene profile is Myrcene dominant with Caryophyllene and Pinene in the mix giving Mango its distinct sweet-tempered, earthy, tropical aromatic scent and equally sweet tropical fruit flavor with both earthy and tangy notes.


With its high THC content and sweet tropical flavor, Mango Sugar Wax will lift your mood sending you into absolute euphoric tropical bliss. Medical users will appreciate the relief from symptoms of depression, chronic stress, anxiety, and even fatigue. If you are looking for a sunny daze-haze strain, or just to feel like you’re on vacation, this Mango will have you sunlit.

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