Tangie & Key Lime Pie TWAX Joints (Hybrid) 20.72%

Our 1.5 gram Tangie & Key Lime Pie TWAX Joint is loaded with 1.3 grams of 70/30 Sativa dominant Tangie flower, and then coated with 0.2 grams of Indica dominant 75/25 Key Lime Pie Concentrate. Hand crafted by Emerald Family Farms, our TWAX Joints are the ultimate pre-rolls.

Sold in Cases of 20

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Sold to Wholesalers in display cases of 20 fully compliant, child-resistant tubes with twist off caps. Each individual tube contains a 1.3 gram pre-rolled joint covered in .2 grams of THC concentrate with compliant TWAX Joints labeling, strain name, strain type, farm name, test results, required warnings, and barcodes.

Tangie is a terpene packed 70/30 Sativa dominant with over the top Sativa leaning effects. Key Lime Pie is a potent 75/25 Indica dominant gourmet phenotype of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies strain, selected for its heavy crystal trichome production and Indica characteristics.

Tangie delivers an uplifting cerebral high with enhanced creativity and euphoria and a focused boost of happiness. The effects of Key Lime Pie are fast-acting, giving users a deeply relaxing body buzz, combined with a lifted heady high that sparks creative thinking and mental stimulation.

Tangie is a cross of California Orange and a Skunk hybrid and its citrus heritage is most evident in its refreshing tangerine aroma. Key Lime Pie has a minty, chocolate, sour citrus, and lime aroma with a complex flavor profile that includes a minty, candy-like flavor with a smoky chocolate lime aftertaste.


You’ll feel the hit almost as soon as you exhale, slamming into your mind with a rushing euphoric effect. An increase in energy and an influx of creativity with motivation and focus galore. A relaxing body high comes next, leaving you slightly physically sedated as your mind soars through bright artistic visions.

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