Trident 17.01% CBD (H) – Mama Lou’s 1 gram pre-roll

50/50 Hybrid

CBD 17.01% | THC 5.63%

Mama Lou’s 1-gram Pre-Roll Joints are sold in bundles of 20 units. Packaged individually in child-proof, pop-top containers that contain test results, required warnings, strain name, type and barcodes.

Bay Area (plus East Bay, Salinas, & Santa Cruz) orders in by noon on Wednesday – So-Cal orders in by noon on Tuesday – North East orders in by noon on Wednesday will ensure an end of the week delivery.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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EXAMPLE: Packaged in fully compliant, child-resistant jars. Each jar contains compliant labeling, test results, required warnings, strain name, strain type, farm name, and barcodes.
Sold in cases of 32, each individual jar contains a 3.5 gram 1/8th with fully compliant Emerald Family Farms labeling.

The Trident strain is a 50/50 hybrid highly sought after for its extremely high CBD content and medicinal qualities.

With this batch testing at over 17.01% CBD and 5.63% THC, a 3 to 1 CBD to THC ratio, this strains main benefits will be physical while offering mild and unobtrusive cerebral effects, that act to enhance the mood..

The Trident buds offer a pleasant smooth smoke with the smell and flavor of earthy tart pine. The buds have a bright green appearance with flecks of gold throughout.


Trident is an excellent strain for those seeking to manage symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation, and muscle tension while remaining mentally alert. If you suffer from depression or stress, this is a great strain to try for its therapeutic and uplifting properties.

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