“In Humboldt County, we have a code of conduct: Respect the land. Respect the people. Respect the plant. Emerald Family Farms was created in an effort to protect these core values of the cannabis movement and to ensure that these values are the guiding principles of the new legal cannabis industry. At Emerald Family Farms we are excited by the scale of opportunities the California regulatory market brings and at the same time we still believe in paying tribute to the immense sacrifices of the many cannabis activists whose actions have given us all the ability to participate in a statewide cannabis economy.”

The above excerpt is from our core values statement. The statement, “Respect the land. Respect the people. Respect the plant.” has been a guiding theme for us since our start.

We strive to be an inclusive community made up of a rainbow of people, from a plethora of backgrounds, lifestyles, genders, and sexual orientations. We have fought in many different capacities for the land we love, the people we call Family, and the plant that brings us together.

The recent murder of George Floyd by Derek Chauvin of the Minneapolis police force has reminded us that our work has not been enough. We in the legal cannabis community often forget that the War on Drugs that has been waged on our Black and Brown Sisters and Brothers has deemed their actions wrong, but ours “legal and compliant”. We forget that the drug laws of this country are built to strengthen the power of institutional racism and oppression.

As we watch protesters and activists use different tools to take a stand for their beliefs, many have taken to the streets to vocalize their frustrations of the continued mistreatment of people of color.

Here at Emerald Family Farms, we have asked ourselves the hard questions of what we as a legal cannabis entity, in this day and age, can do to be a part of the change.

While this list of actions will by no means stop racism overnight, we feel that if every business, government official, and every individual stopped and examined the “Wall of Institutional Racism” that has imprisoned POC for centuries, and initiate actions to makes these changes, we can slowly dismantle it brick by brick and stone by stone.

Here is what we pledge to do:

  1. Insist that the tax money that is gathered from businesses like ours stops going to the support of over-policing in CA and instead goes to the uplifting of our local communities and their marginalized people. 
  2. We will make donations to organizations that work to decrease the systemic oppression inherent to our society. 
  3. We will increase the awareness and visibility of cultivators who have been marginalized due to the War on Drugs or due to the color of their skin.

We can no longer be silent or complicit in the murders of our Sisters and Brothers of Color! We can no longer support a system that disproportionately advances one group of people at the expense of all others!

We encourage everyone to stand with our Family to do whatever they can, in whatever capacity they are able, to help us fight for equality and social change.

James K. Holley II

Manager of Cannabis Operations

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